Zines for the Culture


Since the technology of self-publishing ideas in leaflet and pamphlet form have been available, members of marginalized and minority groups have been distributing information themselves. By definition, zines are a cheaply made, cheaply priced independent magazines that cover broad topics from politics, art and design,fan fiction, personal journals, single-topic obsessions, sex, social theory, intersectional feminism, and other niche subcultures far outside of the mainstream.

American zines date back to Thomas Paine’s 1775 pamphlet Common Sense and other political pamphlets of the time, becoming more widely spread within the science fiction community, later in feminism, and genres all across the board. Really, zines can express anything the creator wants to express, and since zine making surpasses the supplies and publishing process, they can be easily made. Zines have been an effective ways to communicate ideas in local areas.

Zine making as a craft and device to spread ideas is simple and super fun. You too can learn how to make zines that cater to your own interests and obsessions at the Zine Making Workshop with Atlanta photographer, designer, writer, and artist Isadora Pennington on Saturday, February 25, or if you have missed the last class, you can always experiment with making zines here at WonderRoot! The Atlanta Zine Fest is held downtown every year at our friends on South Broad – Murmur.



Written by Naya Clark





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