Wela + WonderRoot: A Natural Fit


Why we’re partnering with WonderRoot:


Partnering with WonderRoot has always felt like a natural fit. WonderRoot strives to maximize and harness Atlanta’s creative capital to produce innovative strategies that move the needle on critical social justice issues facing the city today: environmental justice, race equity, affordable housing, recidivism, and much more. The way that WonderRoot has gone about making changes within the community is truly innovative and highly regarded.


What we are trying to do at Wela is change the way that financial advice is delivered. To do this, we must think creatively to make a positive change. It’s a natural fit to partner with such a company that not only accepts a similar challenge but tackles it head-on. WonderRoot and Wela will continue to partner towards building awareness and mobilize the public to work toward a more equitable Atlanta.


Who we are:

Throughout history, financial services companies have always tailored themselves to the millionaires and neglected the young growing family. With this in mind, Wela began with two main goals. The first was to make financial advice accessible across all income levels. The second was to harness improvements in technology to meet the unique challenges that young families and individuals face in modern times. Combining these two aspects, we’re able to change the way financial advice is delivered and deliver  it in a way that enables people to create better financial futures.


Who is Benjamin?

Think about all of the influential butlers in pop culture history. Geoffrey from Fresh Prince, Alfred from Batman, or even Jarvis, the Artificial intelligence butler from The Avengers might come to mind. Although they have different personalities, they all share a few fundamental traits. They’re all smart, warm, a little snarky, and incredibly helpful. At Wela, we’ve combined the best of these qualities with machine learning to create Benjamin, the first digital financial advisor of its kind. When it comes to your finances, Benjamin is as cool as Geoffrey, as helpful as Alfred and as smart as Jarvis without any of the snarkiness.


What can Benjamin do for you?

Unlike other financial companies, we truly believe life is for living out loud, not uptight. Living out loud means experiencing everything from Atlanta to Australia. While Benjamin helps some travel he helps others buy their first homes or pay down credit card debt. In either situation, Benjamin fits directly into your life to help you reach your objectives. Once you link a financial institution to your Wela account, Benjamin runs a complete financial analysis and delivers you personalized insights on demand to help you stay on track to reach your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. So, whether you’re a millionaire with unlimited assets or you’re just starting your journey and have student loans to pay back, you deserve to experience life to its fullest potential. And, we created Benjamin to help you do just that.


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