The Story of the WonderRoot Film Series 3D Printed Trophy

We had so much great feedback about the trophy for the 5th Anniversary “Best Of” Screening for WonderRoot’s Generally Local, Mostly Independent Film Series that we wanted to share some quick background information about it.

Skulls have been part of the visual “brand” of the film series for quite a while, often showing up in posters and brochures for the past few years, and we thought it would be great to incorporate a skull into the prize for the film series. After some thought, we decided on creating a 3D-printed skull for the trophy. This was WonderRoot’s first time attempting an endeavor of this kind, but we felt it would be a great learning process to better understand an emerging art practice.

Film Series Trophy

After a few different brainstorming sessions, we reached out to local sculptor Leisa Rich to create this masterpiece, and she did a really amazing job. It took 40 hours to 3D print the 6-inch skull head for the trophy, which we then spray painted with a metallic gray finish, mounted on a wooden block, and applied the lettering (courtesy of Lee Signs). Leisa was also kind enough to send us an in-process image while the skull was printing, just so we could see the “inside” of the sculpture as it was coming along.

Leisa Rich - IMG_1501

Film Trophy - In Progress



Thanks again to Leisa for such an amazing signature piece of art for our local film series; we can’t wait until our next foray into 3D printing!

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