Statement from the Board of Directors

Hello Stephanie Dowda, Jennifer Lobsenz, Erica Jamison, Amanda Mills, Angela Davis Johnson, Matthew Rosenfeld, Jessica Caldas, Stephanie Kong, Anonymous #1, Anonymous #2, Anonymous #3, Anonymous #4, Anonymous #5, Anonymous #6, Anonymous #7,


Over the last 36 hours, we have undergone the difficult but necessary exercise of better understanding the experiences and frustrations of our staff and those who have worked with us. This process has left us deeply saddened at the pain that people who have contributed so much to our organization have expressed.  The Board and entire organization sincerely apologize for any hurt, frustration, or treatment not indicative of our mission and the spirit of WonderRoot.


We have so much pride in this organization and the work that we all do.  We are committed to creating a space that promotes positivity and connection in the community and within our organization.  To begin to address this issue, we are engaging an independent third party to conduct an impartial investigation into the accusations.  Chris Appleton has been placed on temporary leave while the investigation is conducted.


The Board and I are committed to making the changes necessary for the health and positivity of all who work with and support WonderRoot.


Mitch Reiner
WonderRoot Board Chair                                The WonderRoot Executive Committee