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WonderRoot Creative Reuse

New Artistic Beginnings

WonderRoot Creative Reuse is a program that promotes artistic expression, environmental awareness and community through the collection and redistribution of salvaged materials for creative reuse.

WonderRoot Creative Reuse in Atlanta is currently focusing on fundraising, materials collection and distribution (keep an eye out for upcoming pop-up shops) as well as outreach in the form of craft parties, events and workshops.  

Want to volunteer with WonderRoot Creative Reuse or have awesome stuff that you can’t bear to throw away that’s just gathering dust in your closet, garage, or attic? Please be in touch with Susan here.

Collage is Susan Reu’s favorite genre of creative reuse artistic expression. She first learned of creative reuse programs from an article in the Sunday newspaper several years ago. After visiting The Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC, she was hooked. Her favorite WonderRoot Creative Reuse activities have been making business cards from cereal boxes and making quilt squares for the WonderRoot 3rd Anniversary commemorative quilt. Susan’s embarrassing secret is that she is more of a crafter wannabe than a true crafter, accumulating craft supplies but not putting them to much use. Hence, she is the perfect person to donate unused craft materials to WonderRoot’s creative reuse program! Susan currently works as an administrative assistant for a senior living trade association, and she is a freelance writer/editor. Her past careers include paperback book publishing, corporate banking and newspaper archiving. She derives joy from passing donated art materials along to artists, teachers and children.


Susan Reu

Before discovering Creative Reuse, Sally Shelton was an avid crafter, hosting weekly craft nights out of her house, and a devout recycler. She never thought to merge the two passions until a visit to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse in Oakland, CA showed her the way. She has a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta, taught herself sewing before there was YouTube, and has folded more than one thousand paper cranes, some out of candy wrappers. She is proud to call Atlanta home.


sally shelton

As an artist I believe that art serves two main purposes spiritual enlightenment and also scientific observance. I am a recent graduate from the University of Georgia’s Lamar Dodd school of art. While I was in school I studied visual organization and synthesis in form of collage art and assemblage through painting and drawing theory. My experience with Art has been through nonprofits, administrative duties at museums, and college prep at visual art magnet schools.


Chakura Kineard