PeachDish and the Parallels of Art, Food, and the Art of Food

Broiling, scrambling, simmering, and flambéing are all processes involved in the craft of cooking. They aren’t painting, sculpting, illustrating, or blending, as in visual art, but the similarities between art and cooking are endless. The two forms have ability to cater to our senses, emotions, and desire to create. Similarly, both art forms require an immense need for preparation and combining the perfect ingredients to make a desired result of the creator, be it artist or chef.

PeachDish, an Atlanta based meal kit service, knocks out the tedious preparation process by providing affordable boxes with recipe cards and fresh ingredients necessary to prepare full meals. We can all admit that meal prep isn’t the most exciting aspect of eating. It’s the time spent actually enjoying that’s most rewarding, especially if it’s with the people you love. Cooking, like art, brings people together, takes time, and can be appreciated by a variety of senses. With food, all of our senses are engaged, from the appetizing colors of a hearty meal, stimulating aromas of seasoning, to the pop and sizzle of fresh ingredients hitting the pan. All of which are enough to anticipate a delicious course.

Like WonderRoot, PeachDish got it’s humble beginnings in Atlanta in the kitchen of it’s founder Hadi Irvani in 2013, where he hosted dinner parties where ingredients were provided, but guests were responsible for cooking their own meals. When Irvani saw how this brought people together, he had the idea for PeachDish. Now, PeachDish ships 200,000 meals daily to people wanting convenience for appreciating and connecting over a meal. Like Irvani, WonderRoot holds the value of creating in order to bring people together.

PeachDish and WonderRoot also share the understanding of  how important it is for grassroots organizations to come together in order to support each other for something bigger by working together without filling the same niche in our community. Some of the values PeachDish hold close are the ability for our separate art forms to inspire and motivate others, encourage collaboration,  creative problem solving, feasible results, seeking opportunity to improve and grow, and working for the good of all, which we couldn’t agree with more.

All of these qualities make WonderRoot feel honored to be supported by the likes of another local business trying to spread the benefits of a satisfying art form. Because of businesses like PeachDish, events like The Artists Market at Ponce City Market can be an active market for creative people to sustain themselves and illuminate their skills, and for that we want to thank them. Because of their contributions food and visual art can share the role of creating and connecting.

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