Introducing the New WonderRoot Brand



Over the past year, WonderRoot has embarked upon a rebranding process that reflects the strategic growth, priorities, and exciting future for the organization. The genesis of this process was rooted in our desire to be clear about our purpose and programs as WonderRoot seeks to advance artists’ careers in Atlanta and support progressive social change in our communities.

Some of our stakeholders have come to know WonderRoot through a specific program and others have equated WonderRoot solely with the WonderRoot Community Arts Center, often unaware of WonderRoot’s footprint throughout the Greater Atlanta Region and the strong partnerships in those endeavors. These rebranding efforts are meant to bring further clarity to WonderRoot’s position in Atlanta’s cultural and nonprofit arenas and to develop a deeper awareness about WonderRoot among various audiences.

In the summer of 2014, Matchstic, a strategy and design firm based in Grant Park, pledged over $100,000 of in-kind design, strategy and marketing services to WonderRoot with the full experience and scope of Matchstic’s expertise. This yearlong collaboration has included a series of activity sessions and research with WonderRoot stakeholders – staff, board members, artists, partners, and funders – to get a clearer sense of WonderRoot’s perceived role and attributes as an organization.

WonderRoot has emerged from this process with a new website (developed by Courtney Miller of, a new visual identity system, updated messaging and, above all, a better framework for communicating to the public in a way that connects our programming and partnerships of the organization more effectively. As we continue to work towards the development of our future home (the WonderRoot Center for Arts & Social Change), we hope you see this articulation of WonderRoot’s work and mission as an important step in our maturation.

As always, thank you for championing WonderRoot and for playing an important role in the organization’s growth and impact.

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