Interview with Imaginary Million Artists: Austin Blue



Austin Blue is a 25 year old emerging artist from San Francisco who is participating in this year’s Imaginary Million.  We spoke to him about his work, who he is most looking forward to bidding on, his favorite local artists and more!


WR: How did you find out about WonderRoot? What medium do you work in?

Austin Blue:  My friend Mikita said I should apply for the CSA program, and I was looking for a way to get more involved with the art community here. So I stopped by the Center and started talking to people. I signed up to be a volunteer and have been volunteering here for almost seven months now. I usually work in pencil, drawing, ink, things like that. I like portraiture and really bright colors – lots of bright colors.


WR: How long have you lived in Atlanta? How do you feel about the art scene in Atlanta as a young, emerging artist?

AB: I’ve been in Atlanta for five years now. I would definitely say the art scene is improving, it’s certainly more supportive now than when I first got here, or that might be because I’m more involved now. I’m nervous about how fast Atlanta is changing – I mean it’s cool in a way, but it’s also a bit terrifying – I mean I’m from SF, there is nothing that can be as bad as that. I can’t even try to imagine moving back home. But the gentrification issue is real here, and it comes for the poor and artists first.  Overall I feel the scene is moving in a good direction.


WR: Where else do you hang out to see and make art besides WonderRoot?


AB: I really like eyedrum, they have cool shows there.


WR: Who are your favorite artists who don’t work in your medium?


AB: I really like Vik Muniz, that show was crazy! It legit messed me up. It kept me from moving on to other exhibits! I think I spent several hours in there. I couldn’t believe the level of detail in those collages. I really respect that kind of concentration and focus. It really inspired me. Ashley Hunt’s show about prisons was incredible. Those photographs honestly scared me. I think art is a great vehicle for making things known, and he did an incredible job talking about something really disturbing.

WR: Who are you looking forward to bidding on for the Imaginary Million?

AB: Romy Aura Maloon and Jiha Moon for sure. I mean everyone’s stuff is so ill, but I’m really gonna go for those two.


Buy your tickets to The Imaginary Million here. We’ll see you on December 9th, Austin!

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