Guest Post: VOX Teen Communications

VOX Teen Communications – Community Partner on Off the Wall: Atlanta’s Civil Rights and Social Justice Journey

by Susan Landrum, Executive Director













Atlanta is my home. I grew up here and choose it again and again as a place to explore, grow and build community. Atlanta is a place of contradictions. It is both urban and suburban, it is Southern and progressive, it is constantly chasing its future while reckoning with its past. It is within these contradictions that I take pride in the city that raised me. I continue to love this place, to be surprised by it, to be frustrated with it and to want to create change here. I have the gift of creating this change alongside teens who are growing up here too by serving as the Executive Director of VOX Teen Communications, Atlanta’s home for uncensored teen publishing and self-expression.

VOX’s work relies on strong partnerships to amplify the voices of teens across our city. When we heard about WonderRoot’s innovative Off the Wall project, we jumped at the chance to be a part of it! Connecting community conversations to large-scale public art works, all to shine a light on Atlanta’s commitment to inclusion and justice during the Super Bowl is a powerful example of art in action. And VOX knows that any community conversation must center and include the voices of youth because as we see time and time again, teens are change-makers and courage-cultivators. VOX teens are hard at work planning their own community conversation to happen in our downtown newsroom on Friday, July 20th. All are invited: register here. India, VOX teen staff member, was at the press conference for the launch of Off the Wall. Here’s her piece covering the excitement around this dynamic project.

We can’t wait to see how Off the Wall continues to evolve and VOX is grateful to be at the table for this creative exploration of our beloved community.

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