Why Would a Food Company Care About Supporting the Arts?

Why Would a Food Company Care About Supporting the Arts?  

A word from PeachDish President: Judith Winfrey.

Judith Winfrey with her husband Joe Reynolds at their farm: Love is Love Farm.

PeachDish began in 2014 as a mission-driven, values-based business intent on making an impact.  We have two goals in mind: 1) getting healthy fresh food to people fast, making it easy and convenient for them to eat well at home, and 2) bringing small and mid-size farmers into the digital economy to give them an extended market and more financial stability.  


I came to PeachDish with over a decade of good food and sustainable agriculture work behind me. I know first-hand what a difference nutrient-dense, organic food can make in our bodies, our consciousness and our lives, not to mention the drastically improved effect on the environment.  When we eat food that is grown with care and attention – and without being doused in chemical inputs (fertilizers and pesticides) – we are showing that same care and attention to ourselves and our planet. This positivity resonates through our lives and our community. We’re more alive, more whole and thus more in tune, more responsive, more available.  In short, we’re better people when we eat better food. If this sounds too simplistic or pollyannaish to you, think about it this way: food is the only thing we ever buy that literally becomes who we are. It provides the building blocks for everything we are: our brain, our eyes, our skin, our muscles and our hearts.

Because I know good food makes our lives better, I believe that it is important to improve access to local, sustainably-produced grown food.  I have worked on various projects throughout the years to help increase people’s access to good food. I helped to found Wholesome Wave Georgia and Community Farmers Markets with good food access in mind.  For me, PeachDish is an extension of the work I’ve been doing. By delivering it straight to your door, we’re doing it in a slightly different way, but the foundation is still healthy fresh food direct from farmers.  We’re giving you the transparency to build a relationship with farmers, if you’d like (check out our farmers and suppliers page) and we’re also making it really easy for you to turn it all into a delicious meal.

I care about getting good food to people, because I believe it will make the world a better place.  I want to live in a world where people are nourished, healthy, peaceful and creative. This is also why I care about art.  Art enriches and nourishes our souls the same way that food enriches and nourishes our bodies (and our minds). For the past few years, we have included the work local artists such as Shanequa Gay, Black Cat Tips, Sarah Lawrence, Katie Kriner and Alex Volpert through our postcard series (see links to all below).  The idea is simple, once a month we ask an artist to draw a peach for us.  We turn it into a postcard which we share with our customers and friends. It’s beautiful lagniappe — something a little extra.  It’s also a way for us to support and encourage artists. I’d like share two fun facts about the postcard series: 1) when we wanted to start it, WonderRoot was the first call we made.  They helped introduce us to artists early on.  2) We’ve loved the series so much that we’ve expanded it to our truck and our boxes (as you might have noticed if you attended WonderNight 2018 or the Hambidge Art Auction at ADAC, or if you’ve seen us making deliveries to Metro Atlanta Whole Foods).


The connection between good food and art is an obvious one to me.  So the question of why a food company would care about supporting the arts is simple to answer: we care about our community.  We care about the people living and working in our community and want to do what we can to make it better. We do this by getting good food to our customers, and by supporting local farmers and artists.  It’s is our honor and privilege to be in community with an incredible organization like WonderRoot.

PeachDish is a national meal kit delivery service based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Our mission is to enrich and nourish people’s lives through good food experiences.


Our past postcard artists:



Jessie Doyle

Peach Davis

Alexandra Hatchett

Shanequa Gay

Alex Volpert

Sarah Lawrence

Rachel Whitehurst

Nathalie Tayag

Amy Evans

Leah Kelley

Katie Kriner

Krista Lark Slater

Rachael Nearney

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