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An Exploration of Her Ritual: April 13-May 4

By WonderRoot Interns | May 1, 2018 | 0 Comments

Written by Jasmine Sinclair Wilson Each day, we participate in rituals. Some of us wake up at a specific time to meditate and be in peace, while others devote their morning to combing their hair with a certain level of attention, never deviating from routine strokes. Our rituals consume the hours in our days, but…

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Arts + Advocacy Blog: Celebrating the Life and Work of Laura Aguilar

By Jake Pardee | Apr 26, 2018 | 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: Following the release of our original post, WonderRoot staff learned of a recent exhibit showcasing Laura Aguilar’s photography. This exhibit is the “first comprehensive retrospective” assembly of Aguilar’s work. It is open to view until June 3 at the Vincent Price Art Museum at UCLA. Check out Florida International University’s Frost Art Museum website to…

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WonderRoot Presents: “Man on Fire” at the Atlanta Film Festival 2018

By Jake Pardee | Apr 17, 2018 | 5 Comments

  The importance of documenting events, projects, or actions that aim to make social change cannot be understated. And documenting them in engaging, aesthetically beautiful and digestible ways can exponentially multiply both audience and impact. Joel Fendelman’s work in writing and directing “Man on Fire” is a brilliant example of how documentary film can be…

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Arts + Advocacy Blog: “Change the Culture, Change the World” by Favianna Rodriguez

By Jake Pardee | Apr 12, 2018 | 0 Comments

Last week our Arts + Advocacy Blog highlighted the work of three artists who have used their personal artistic practice to affect positive change in hearts, minds, and cultural norms. Read last week’s post here.    This week, rather than focusing on the work of specific artists we are sharing an article written by Favianna…

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Arts + Advocacy Blog: Shirin Neshat, Faith Ringgold, Yoko Ono

By Jake Pardee | Mar 28, 2018 | 0 Comments

The Personal is Political: Shirin Neshat, Faith Ringgold, and Yoko Ono “Art is our weapon. Culture is a form of resistance.” – Shirin Neshat Perhaps Iran’s most famous contemporary artist, Shirin Neshat fully embodies art’s capacity to bring about social change. But her artistic career did not begin with a vision to inspire socio-political dialogue;…

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By Jake Pardee | Mar 8, 2018 | 0 Comments

There is no tool for transforming our reality as dynamic as artistic expression. For as long as humans have existed in community with one another we have created art to celebrate and to grieve; to process our lived experiences and imagine a better future. As artwork is created, shared and encountered by an audience, the…

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By WonderRoot Interns | Dec 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: WILL MASSEY with Martin Mathys Brown   You’ve seen the sculptures, you’ve seen countless people taking pictures in front of it, you’ve wondered how much time the artist spent welding, glueing, scratching their head, trying to figure out where each patch or scrap of metal is supposed to go. In the only spot…

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Artists Spotlight #3 — The Imaginary Million 2017

By Jake Pardee | Nov 29, 2017 | 0 Comments

Written by WonderRoot Intern Grace Coltrin   Ashley Anderson has been an active participant in the local art scene for years now. His illustrations have made appearances in spaces all across the city, including murals in cabbagetown and local pizza shops, album covers, and even the high museum. Ashley’s art tends to explore ideas of…

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Artists Spotlight #2 — The Imaginary Million 2017

By Jake Pardee | Nov 24, 2017 | 0 Comments

Written by WonderRoot Intern Courtnee Miles — Haylee Anne is an interdisciplinary artist engaged in what she describes as a “swirling, healthy love affair” with Atlanta.  Swooning over lush National Geographic landscapes for years inspired her at an early age, alerting her subconscious that she was to create. She’s inspired by many things and  often…

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Artists Spotlight #1 — The Imaginary Million 2017

By Jake Pardee | Nov 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

Written by WonderRoot Intern Farrah Agha Chanel Kim is a local designer and master of many trades. Kim does it all, from designing to publishing to serving as one half of the female emcee duo, Tiger Moon. She has produced a wide array of work, both in physical mediums and through live performance. Formerly a…

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