WonderRoot Community Arts Center

A Place for All.

Arts Center Features

The Open Access Studio Program is at the core of WonderRoot’s programming activities and is our name for membership access to the Arts Center. The program is designed to be inclusive, to provide access to arts production facilities for the greatest number of artists and community members. With Open Access, members have access to WonderRoot’s Recording Studio, Ceramics Studio, Digital Media Lab, Darkroom, Meeting Room, Performance Venue and the rest of our facilities and spaces at the Arts Center.  Check out our Membership page for more information about membership levels and benefits.

Guest Policy and Daytime Reservations

Artist Members utilizing the Arts Center may have up to five (5) guests per visit. Those members using the Recording Studio may have up to two (2) guests.

Reservations for meeting space in the WonderRoot Gallery and in the basement follow the same time guidelines as the Recording Studio: artists may reserve time once per week for three (3) hours. If there is a scheduled evening performance in the basement, the basement will be limited to only two sessions that day (12:00 - 3:00pm and 3:00 - 6:00pm).