Arts + Advocacy Blog: “Change the Culture, Change the World” by Favianna Rodriguez

Last week our Arts + Advocacy Blog highlighted the work of three artists who have used their personal artistic practice to affect positive change in hearts, minds, and cultural norms. Read last week’s post here. 


This week, rather than focusing on the work of specific artists we are sharing an article written by Favianna Rodriguez: an interdisciplinary artist, cultural organizer and political activist based in Oakland. In 2013, Favianna wrote an article entitled “Change the Culture, Change the World” outlining her “vision for the convergence of art and social justice.” This piece provides a thoughtful and well contextualized exploration of the role that artists and cultural transformation can play in achieving lasting, tangible change on key issues of injustice. She explores past successes, concerns for the future and suggestions for movement building around art and social justice.


Read Favianna’s post here: “Change the Culture, Change the World” 

Favianna Rodriguez is co-founder, Interim Director and Cultural Strategist at Culture Strike. Visit their website to learn more about their work.

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