Artists Spotlight #2 — The Imaginary Million 2017

Written by WonderRoot Intern Courtnee Miles

Haylee Anne is an interdisciplinary artist engaged in what she describes as a “swirling, healthy love affair” with Atlanta.  Swooning over lush National Geographic landscapes for years inspired her at an early age, alerting her subconscious that she was to create. She’s inspired by many things and  often delves into creating photographs based on portraying and critiquing societal implications; particularly, the current state of women, gender, memories, and bodies.  In 2013, she was awarded the VSA Excellence of Artistry Award by the Smithsonian and the Kennedy Center. In addition to managing the WonderRoot Darkroom, Hayless has worked with BURNAWAY, Plywood People, Living Walls, and ATL Women in Tech. She holds a BFA in Photography from Montclair State University. @hayleekitties IG: @hayleekitties


Originally from Columbus GA, Jon Dean received a BFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2013, Jon co-founded Legendary Children Atlanta, an artist collective celebrating drag and queer art in the southeast. Two years later, Jon created WUSSY Mag, an Atlanta-based publication focusing on queer issues in the Southeast. That year, Creative Loafing named WUSSY the “Best New Arts & Culture Website” in their annual Best Of issue. IG: @jondeanphoto


This banjo-playing photographer really has a passion for travelling, which inspires much of his work. Patrick Heagney was born in New Jersey and raised right outside of Washington, DC. Graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, Patrick has a strong career working as both a visual artist and commercial photographer. Patrick currently lives in Atlanta, happily cohabitating with his cat. IG: @patrickheagney


Robin Bernat began her artistic career as a bookmaker. Robin knows that in many ways, aspects of artistic bookmaking carry over into filmmaking and photography in terms of creating a narrative through the sequencing of images. Poetry and prose frequently provide the narrative structure of her experimental films and installations. In all of these endeavors: poetry, film and performance, she investigates ideas about love versus loss and faith versus longing, in attempt to capture what is both beautiful and fleeting.


A definite “in-betweener” of a variety of interests and hobbies, visual artist Yoon Nam is also a DJ with a love of vinyl records, concentrating on 60-70s international rare groove, psych, prog, and jazz. As a illustrator and painter, Yoon believes her lack of traditional art education makes her a solid, hard-working beginner at art, which is a mindset she wishes to retain. She does, however, hold a Ph.D. in 16-17th century British literature. Yoon lives in Atlanta with her husband and a beautiful cat named Reginald.


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