Artists Spotlight #1 — The Imaginary Million 2017

Written by WonderRoot Intern Farrah Agha

Chanel Kim is a local designer and master of many trades. Kim does it all, from designing to publishing to serving as one half of the female emcee duo, Tiger Moon. She has produced a wide array of work, both in physical mediums and through live performance. Formerly a gallery assistant at Get This! Gallery and an events editor at BURNAWAY magazine, Kim is currently a design Trainee at IfThen digital. In addition to having curated a number of exhibits across Atlanta, Kim also keeps busy as a current Murmur Media board member.



An Australian native, Coorain Devin works mainly in printmaking, drawing/collage, and video. They graduated from Tufts University with a BA in philosophy as well as a BFA in Fine Arts and recently received their MFA from Georgia State University. Their work specifically focuses on camp and queer aesthetics and the relationship between text and image. Despite their works playful and often irreverent nature, they aim to discuss the theoretical and the philosophical through their creations. Devin co-founded the Boston arts magazine Salad, produced their own yearly calendar/photo project entitled The Coorain Calendar, and launched the experimental television show Coloring Coorain. Claiming a number of influences from Gertrude Stein to drag aesthetics to Sylvia Plath, Devin balances humor and critical thought in their attempts to address social and personal issues through art. IG: @coorain



Steffen Sornpao is an artist and curator living and working in Atlanta, GA. Steffen graduated with a BFA with a concentration in photography from Georgia State University in 2015 where he was the inaugural winner of the Mark Phillips Art & Design Scholarship. His work has shown extensively throughout the Atlanta area, specifically in group shows at Swan Coach House Gallery, The Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia, Sandler Hudson Gallery, The Dalton Gallery at Agnes Scott and Jennifer Schwartz Gallery. He recently had a solo show up at the Atlanta Center for Contemporary Art in 2017. Sornpao is active on the Atlanta scene, co-directing the art space Good Enough and serving as a 2017-2018 Walthall Fellow. 




Laura Vela is an interdisciplinary artist based in Atlanta working mainly in oil paint and watercolor. Vela’s work is highly influenced by issues of gender, class, race, and identity, in particular her own Hispanic heritage and identity as a woman. Vela received her BFA in drawing and painting from Kennesaw State University in 2014, and has since shown her work across Atlanta, participating in exhibits at Beep Beep, Ladyfest Atlanta, and WonderRoot. Vela uses magical realism to examine issues both public and personal, discussing mental illness, religion, and her own family history. Vela claims that she wishes to make people think and wants to celebrate what is important to her, stating that she is most happy when creating art. IG:



Neka King is an Atlanta illustrator and designer working primarily in material and fiber based artwork. A recent Georgia State University graduate and Marion B. Davis Scholarship recipient, King uses found materials, text, fiber, and photography throughout her body of work. King produced the 2015 exhibit Melanin Trails, focusing on colorism within the African-American community. She is the founder of Neka.Co, a textile house specializing in fashion and interior goods, which is aimed at incorporating fine arts practices into the design field. IG: @softperm


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