Artist Market Spotlight: Colin Egan,The Catoonist

Written by WonderRoot Intern Grace Coltrin

Local Atlanta artist, Colin Egan (AKA the Catoonist), has been bringing a new perspective of our normal day to day to life with his Blue Cat character that stars his cartoons. Egan’s work began with a childhood passion for doodling here and there in times of boredom. Once he began noticing people’s interest in his work, Egan pushed himself to a personal challenge of creating a new character every day for 100 days. One thing lead to another and not long afterwards, the Catoonist was born.  The attention and popularity comes as no surprise due to Egan’s clever blend of simplistic characters living and observing in our everyday lives.


When did you first start creating art?

I started creating from a very young age, whether it was in my sketchbook or on my school assignments, I was going to cover the page in doodles.  It wasn’t until college that I realized my cartoons had a really positive reaction when I would share them with friends and on social media.

What exactly inspired your main blue cat character?

My cat character first started showing up in early drawings I did in highschool but during the 100 day challenge Blue Cat appeared and I began to gravitate towards that character. Then I began to use this character to represent myself in drawings. You can see from this cartoon (to the left) this idea of Blue Cat being me first starts. From there I found it easier to joke about life when I had a character to represent my view on a situation.

Do you hope to impact people with your art and if so how?

One thing I’ve said many times about my cartoons is that if I can put a smile on your face then I’ve accomplished my goal. Even if it’s one little chuckle, that little happiness someone experiences from viewing something I drew makes me never want to give up on creating.

In what direction do you plan to take your art in the future?

I have a few directions I would like to go with the Catoonist and really just my cartoons in general. Making children’s books has definitely come up a few times as a project I want to complete but the ultimate goal is to go into animation and create my own shorts. Although something I wanted to do around Atlanta is to create cut outs of my characters and have them reacting to the environment around them, just as little hidden things around the city that will hopefully get some laughs. But who knows where I’ll be taking my illustrations, I’m always open to new ways of applying my cartoon style.

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