ArtEd: A Letter from Brandon Sadler


My experience as an instructor for the ArtEd program was fun and highly fulfilling. The students were receptive and showed an active level of interest in the subjects covered. I was pleased to see them come into the program with a notable amount of technical ability and desire for information. We all seemed to share a common thread of interests and that really helped the productivity and created a positive connection between us.


My approach to the course was rather simple; I gave them a master study to copy and apply the provided techniques using the selected media. This portion of the course gave them tools to employ on an independent project of their own. I believe they enjoyed the process, and I enjoyed getting to know them and discovering their interests and ideas.

The ArtEd program is a huge opportunity for these students to meet and work with established professional artists; an opportunity I wasn’t afforded until my college career. Hopefully, with the relationships created and the skills shared, ArtEd will strengthen their critical thinking and creativity no matter their career choice and encourage those who desire a career in the arts to go for it.

Thank you so much, Brandon, for giving the 2016 ArtED class such a great experience. If you have any questions about ArtED programs please email Stephanie Kong.


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