AJFF Presents: Cinebash

written by Katherine Price

When I joined the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival last year as its first-ever Community Programming Manager, one of the programs that most excited me was Cinebash. A new AJFF programming initiative and a first-of-its-kind event, Cinebash translates literally to “film party.” It’s unlike anything Atlanta has ever seen before, and it’s a unique way to celebrate the cinematic arts.

For me, Cinebash represents something bold for our organization, and quite frankly much more than a typical party. AJFF is known throughout the community for its annual film festival – the city’s largest – a showcase of international cinema that attracts nearly 40,000 attendees yearly. Cinebash breaks the mold of traditional movie screenings, immersing partygoers in the world of movies through a multisensory, interactive, and unforgettable experience. There will be amazing food from Taste of Atlanta, signature drinks, music and dance, and swag and giveaways for attendees to take home. But what really puts the wildly imaginative twist on Cinebash will be the art installations, themed around the movies and film artists, and produced under the creative direction of Danny Davis of Protect Awesome, whose brilliant work can be seen on display at The Goat Farm, Terminus and Atlanta Contemporary. Music by DJ Santiago Páramo will play throughout the night too, completing the fully immersive experience.

Danny Davis, Project Awesome

This year, Cinebash is paying tribute to graphic designer Saul Bass. Though you may not know his name at first, you will immediately recognize his many creative contributions to the movies, including iconic title sequences for Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Psycho, and his promotional movie posters for such films as Exodus, The Shining and West Side Story. The work of Saul Bass will be infused throughout the party, allowing you to step into his distinctive world of graphic design.

While the evening will certainly be filled with amazing visuals, fantastic entertainment and fun surprises, I am particularly proud of how Cinebash naturally fulfills our organization’s mission to engage, educate and entertain diverse communities, and to foster new levels of social and cultural understanding. AJFF is proud to have 20+ (and counting) Community Partner Organizations helping us bring this event to life. These organizations have been uniquely selected based on what they stand for. There is no financial commitment, only a shared commitment to a mission of community-building through the arts.

When seeking partners for this event, WonderRoot seemed a natural fit as it embodies these goals so clearly. As leaders in the Atlanta community, WonderRoot strives to better the Atlanta cultural scene by engaging in creative opportunities that bring diverse groups together. As Partners on a specific event, organizations such as WonderRoot are asked to share the event and a discount code to their staff and membership to start, but they’re also asked to come on board as much as they like and are able, and to bring creative ideas to the table. That can mean anything from simply having materials at the featured event, to speaking at the event when called for, to even asking us to write a blog post prior to the event (thanks, WonderRoot!).

We love and value our Community Partners because they help us immensely in our community-building efforts. They maximize our reach and help to bring new and diverse audiences to some of our most impactful events. And, most importantly, it’s extremely gratifying when unique partnership opportunities can turn into long and productive collaborative opportunities for everyone involved. We hope for exactly this kind of sustainable and long-lasting partnership with our friends at WonderRoot and know we’ll find creative ways to work together going forward.

I consider myself extremely lucky – it’s my job to help foster these relationships as they pertain to the ever-growing roster of AJFF programs. We at AJFF welcome the opportunity to speak with potential new partners on an ongoing basis, whether there’s interest in partnering on a specific program, or just finding creative ways to work together in the future. We greatly appreciate WonderRoot’s excitement around Cinebash and look forward to many successful collaborations to come.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit Cinebash.org.

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