CSA Season 10 Artist Highlight: Spencer Sloan


CSA Season 10 Artist Highlight: Spencer Sloan

Spencer Sloan is a mixed-media artist here in Atlanta. He received his BFA in Painting from the University of Georgia and studied graphic design at The Creative Circus.

Sloan’s recent body of work involves digitally manipulating paparazzi photographs into abstract works of art. His background is rooted in his experience as a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad pop-culture blogger. Through his work, the Sloan visually manipulates  our commonly held ideals of “celebrity,” and serves to expand the conversation around the illusion of persona. He accomplishes this mashup of feedback and abstraction by creating colorfully, layered narratives that draw viewers into the piece, but sustain the illusive aura of celebrity culture. By re-working the found images through various digital applications, Sloan exploits the originally sourced photographs many times over until the primary subject is nowhere to be found.

Listen to Spencer Sloan talk more about his work and his upcoming project series for CSA Season 10 below:


The newest season of the WonderRoot CSA (Season 10) has just launched. You can check out the new line-up of artists and  purchase your very own share by filling out a WonderRoot CSA purchase form here. Also, you can connect with WonderRoot on Twitter and Facebook to receive updates about the CSA program as it unfolds.


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