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Zines for the Culture

  Since the technology of self-publishing ideas in leaflet and pamphlet form have been available, members of marginalized and minority groups have been distributing information themselves. By definition, zines are a cheaply made, cheaply priced independent magazines that cover broad topics from politics, art and design,fan fiction, personal journals, single-topic obsessions, sex, social theory, intersectional feminism, and…

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A Talk with Paria Almasi

Interviewed by Naya Clark   If anyone sits for a conversation with Paria Almasi, one of the easiest characteristics to mark is her interest in understanding the perspective of the people around her. She loves asking questions about people and their experiences, not to be nosey, but out of pure curiosity. It is no surprise…

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PeachDish and the Parallels of Art, Food, and the Art of Food

Broiling, scrambling, simmering, and flambéing are all processes involved in the craft of cooking. They aren’t painting, sculpting, illustrating, or blending, as in visual art, but the similarities between art and cooking are endless. The two forms have ability to cater to our senses, emotions, and desire to create. Similarly, both art forms require an immense need…

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