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Interview with Imaginary Million Artists: Austin Blue

  Austin Blue is a 25 year old emerging artist from San Francisco who is participating in this year’s Imaginary Million.  We spoke to him about his work, who he is most looking forward to bidding on, his favorite local artists and more!   WR: How did you find out about WonderRoot? What medium do you…

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WonderRoot Launches CSA Season 10 in Collaboration with Allie Bashuk

WonderRoot is excited to announce our six CSA Season 10 artists. This season WonderRoot has collaborated with curator and organizer Allie Bashuk to select the final six artists, whose work considers topics of police brutality, immigration, mental health and more. Our CSA Season 10 artists are: Brandon English, Natalie Escobar, Antonio Darden, InkYoung Chung, Andrew…

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We Gonna Be Alright, We Gonna Be Alright

2016 has been a year of many changes in our community, our city, and our world. Tragedies have befallen our communities of color, our LGBTQ communities, and our friends and lovers and families are facing an unprecedented level of fear. Over the past several days, we have heard from so many people looking for spaces…

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