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WonderRoot Hosts CSA Season 08 Pick Up Party!

Wrapping up Season 08 of WonderRoot’s Community Supported Art program, the CSA pick up party hosted on Friday, May 20th brought together local artists, shareholders, and friends to celebrate the works of this season’s artists. The talents of BlackCatTips, Molly Rose Freeman, Peter Ferrari, Brandon Sadler, Sanithna Phansavanh, and Fabian Williams were showcased in the…

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WonderRootxChange: The Dread Scott Experience

On May 10th, WonderRoot hosted artist and activist Dread Scott as a lecturer in the most recent discussion in the WonderRootxChange series. A program that features leading thinkers on topics of social change, WonderRootxChange stimulates conversations within communities and provides a platform for exchanging perspectives. The latest dialogue featured Dread Scott as he delved into…

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In March the WonderRoot Walthall Fellows were once again privileged to spend a week on Ossabaw Island through a partnership between WonderRoot and the Ossabaw Island Foundation. Georgia’s coast is one of the wildest and most beautiful stretches of coastline in the US and the wildest on the east coast. Of all the large islands…

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