WonderRoot Podcasts

The WonderRoot Podcasts series offers listeners a vast array of conversations and insights into WonderRoot, artists and the Atlanta cultural community. Recorded in the audio studio at WonderRoot Community Arts Center, four different podcast series will cover the following:


  • a weekly WonderRoot preview (5 min)
  • a weekly artist profile (10 min)
  • a weekly WonderRoot programs interview (30 min)
  • a monthly art community dialogue

These podcasts would not be made possible without the support of our media sponsors:

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Each podcast episode can be found at WonderRoot’s Podomatic page.

Listen in via iTunes here.
Listen in via Sticher here.

Weekly WonderRoot Previews

Weekly Artist Profiles
1.3.12 w/ Jessica Caldas

Weekly Program Interviews
1.4.13: On WonderShip

Monthly Art Community Dialogues
1.17.13: Upcoming on Art Universities and Their Local Communities


Sponsorship Opportunities:

Each component of this media initiative has a monthly cost of $200 to sponsors.  In exchange, sponsors will be given intro and outro verbal acknowledgement as the podcast begins and ends.  The “advertisement” would be modeled after something like the following:

“This weekly WonderRoot update is brought to you by Fallen Arrows, providing direct to garment printing for small and medium sized businesses.  If you can wear it, they can print it.”

  • 1 sponsorship slot per each of the 5-minute 4 Weekly WonderRoot updates (placed at the beginning), $200/month
  • 2 sponsorship slots per each of the 10-minute weekly artist profiles (placed at the beginning and end), $200/month
  • 2 sponsorship slots per each of the 30-minute program interviews (placed at the beginning, middle, and end), $200/month
  • 1 sponsorship slot per each of the monthly art scene dialogues (placed at the beginning, middle, and end), $200/month

For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Chris Appleton here.