Activist Screen Print Studio

Now located at the WonderRoot Community Art Center!


WonderRoot’s Activist Screen Print Studio affects positive social change through the medium of screen printing. Visitors can receive a quick tutorial on how to screen print, learn more about WonderRoot’s mission and the importance of accessible messaging, and try their hand at making a print. This no-cost workshop space is open to the public and all-ages.

WonderRoot’s Activist Screen Print Studio is located at the WonderRoot Community Art Center at 982 Memorial Dr SE.

Open Studio Hours: WonderRoot hosts biweekly open studio hours where community members can help us make prints to be distributed around the city. Additionally, visitors can stop by anytime during our regular center hours to pick up prints that they would like to individually distribute or display. Upcoming open studio hours are Thursdays October 19th 12-3pm and November 2nd 6-9pm. Stop by and make some prints with us!

Local artist collaboration: Each print initiative tackles a different social justice issue. WonderRoot burns designs by local artists onto screens that visitors can then use to create 11x17 screen printed posters. Each design is aesthetically imaginative and expresses a call to action.

Learning Space: WonderRoot dedicates a section of the studio to information about our current print initiative. In this way, we give a platform for people who are already doing important community work surrounding these topics--while also giving visitors a way to be more involved.