What Are People For is a community-based public art project co-led by the Reynoldstown Civic Improvement League and WonderRoot. The initiative will use 9 creative markers designed by Lead Artist, William Massey, to illuminate the dynamic history and people that have- and continue to- shape the Reynoldstown neighborhood. What Are People For will celebrate the evolution of the community’s collective identity, examine the implications of gentrification, and create solidarity across lines of differences.

With the understanding that in order to spotlight Reynoldstown as it is today, reflection and homage must be paid to the past. What Are People For will trace the journey of the community from its founding to the present- identifying key influencers every step of the way. Each of the artistic markers is conceptualized through a collaborative process between the community advisory committee and Lead Artist to capture the vision of the community constituents.


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Markers of Reynoldstown

  1. The Beginning: “Reynolds Family”

  2. Growth and Development

  3. White Flight

  4. Crash of the Railroad Industry

  5. RCIL/ Revitalization/ Rebuild

  6. Reynoldstown Quilters

  7. Gentrification

  8. Wheelbarrow festival

  9. Reynoldstown Today and Future


Questions? Please contact WonderRoot’s Program Manager, Brandon Jones. Check this page for updates regarding upcoming community meetings, panel discussions, and calls for lead artists, supporting artists and community participants.


What Are People For is generously supported by The Neighborhood Fund. The Neighborhood Fund, an initiative of The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, empowers community members to positively impact neighborhoods at the local level. Building upon grassroots ideas and energy, the Neighborhood Fund provides grants and support to community groups to build relationships, develop leadership and change communities within the 23-county region.

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