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Leading up to the 2016 Facing Race National Conference, Percolate seeks to elevate a conversation about the intersection of art and activism while seeding relationships and collaborations between artists and those working for racial justice.

Artists and activists--selected and matched by WonderRoot staff and the Facing Race Host Committee--meet in designated local coffee shops. Each pairing is provided a tool kit that will spark thought and ignite conversation addressing racial justice issues. During their dates, artists and activists will document their experience which will later be curated and displayed at the Facing Race Conference November 10-12, 2016 and then travel to the WonderRoot Community Art Center.

Percolate is a two-phase initiative – taking place between Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.

Phase I will serve as a relationship building mechanism through which 100 “artists” and 100 “activists” will be paired for a blind coffee date. The participating artist-activist pairs will simply meet for a single coffee chat during which they will discuss and explore their past, current, and future relationship to creativity-based racial justice work. For some, this work will be a new concept. For others, they will be seasoned professionals. The goal of these intentional pairings is to increase dialogue between Atlanta’s creative and activist communities around concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion – with a particular focus on race. Participants will archive their conversations through journals, images, and audio documentation. An exhibition of the archived dialogues will be on display at the Facing Race Conference, November 10-12.

Phase II is intended to seed projects at the intersection of creativity and racial justice. The 100 artist-activist pairs will be invited to submit project proposals for new initiatives that address racial justice issues through the arts. Winning project(s) will be awarded a cash award for project implementation, as well as receive technical assistance from WonderRoot to support the program design, implementation, and evaluation.

WonderRoot needs to raise $2,000 in order to make these 100 coffee dates possible, and we need your help! With a contribution of as little as $10 today you can help us reach our goal.


Participating Artists: 

Megan C. Mosholder

Jessica Noel

Masud Olufani

Steve Morrison

Estela Semeco

Mary Grace

Danielle Brutto

Ali O'Leary

Rachel Garceau

Antonio Darden

Andrew Cantanese

TeMika Grooms

Nina Dolgin

King Williams

Jerushia Graham

Josephine Figueroa

Nicole Johnson

Yehimi Cambron

Maddy Barretto

Sachi Rome

Julie Ralston

Eric Neubauer

Ryan Parks

Stephanie Pharr

Shae Edman

Chanel Kim

Nadia Marie Belvanson

Edi Gonzalez

Allyssa Lewis

Peter Ferrari

Morgan Carlisle

Joshua Jarrett

Yoon Nam

Haylee Anne

Nik Nerburn

Laura Vela

Hez Stalcoup

Danielle Deadwyler

Brandon English

Wihro Kim

Patricia Villafane

Kelly Kristin Jones

Addison Adams

Jaeyoun Shin

Hannah Tarr

Blair LeBlanc

Sheila Pree Bright

Iman Person

Niki Zarrabi

Deborah Sosower

Lynne Linnemeier

Davion Alston

Participating Activists: 

Oparah Ogechi

Malika Whitley

Judith Jones

Helen Cox

Joey Shea

Maria Sotnikova

Gigi Pedraza

Tiffany Smith

Phi Nguyen

Zahra Alabanza

Rebekah Morris

Raymond Partolan

DeLano Ford

Jennifer Rickard

Von Phoenix

Carlton Mackey

Joey Womack

Chelsea Dunn

Abby Holtz

Tim Franzen

Jessie Feigert

Brandon Sheets

Susanna Spiccia

Bee Nguyen

Sarah Belle Miles

Allie McCullen

Alison Cross

Ekua Adisa

Tash Nikol

Odetta MacLeish-White

Bianca Campbell

Timothy Ongwela

Pat Cambias

Jovan Julien

Allison Hood

Jessica Caldas

Kai Cherot

Anna Simonton

Damian Denson

Elizabeth Anderson

Ceylan Odunkenseler

Orion Crook

Keif Sutherland

Christopher Hollis

Susan Grant

Fred Sisouvanh

Nik Dragovic

Mariam Asad

Melinda Weekes-Laidlow

Joshua Noblitt

Jim Chambers

Brionte McCorkle