Dance Chance Atlanta

Dance Chance Atlanta

Housed in Studio 1 at Atlanta Ballet’s Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre, Dance Chance Atlanta is a monthly showcase of fresh work by 3 local dance-makers that concludes in a talk-back led by a guest moderator.

Inspired by Dance Chance (Chicago), Dance Chance Atlanta seeks to: (1) provide a platform for Atlanta choreographers and dance artists to showcase, develop and experiment with their work (2) foster multidisciplinary conversation and community around art-making and (3) build new and diverse audiences for dance in Atlanta.

Artists vie for selection by dropping their name into the bowl the evening of a showcase.  3 artists and 1 alternate are drawn from the bowl.  They then have approximately one month to create, revision or re-format up to 15 minutes of choreography for the next month’s Dance Chance.

DanceWorks Chicago and the Ruth Page Center for the Arts started Dance Chance to encourage creativity and a sense of adventure on the part of artists and audience and to bring communities together to learn more about each other. We are honored and excited to support Dance Chance Atlanta as it takes its first steps, and we are grateful to be part of a vibrant community of dance that crosses boundaries of time and space.”

—Julie Nakagawa, Artist Director of DanceWorks Chicago & Creator of Dance Chance (Chicago)

 Dance Chance Atlanta #22, February 7th.  Doors at 7:00 pm, show at 7:30 pm

Presenting Artists: TBA

 Moderator: TBA

Located at: 1695 Marietta Boulevard NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Please contact Dance Chance Atlanta facilitator, Sean Hilton, with inquiries.


Below are some frequently asked questions about DCA: 

What do I need to do before the night of Dance Chance Atlanta?
Please complete the tech form and send it, along with a check for $50 (made out to WonderRoot), to the attention of Chris Appleton c/o WonderRoot 982 Memorial Drive Southeast  Atlanta, GA 30316.  These materials are due 10 days before your “Chance”.

Why a deposit?
Your $50 deposit is a space-holder that will be returned to you after your tech rehearsal on the evening of the showing.

What happens if I have to withdraw?
In the unfortunate event that you must withdraw, your timely communication would be much appreciated.  In the case of a withdrawal, the alternate will take the place of the artist who withdrew. The artist that has to withdraw will lose their deposit.

What happens the night of DCA?
On the day of Dance Chance, please meet in the lobby of the Atlanta Ballet’s Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre by 6:30 for a brief tour to get your bearings with regard to the space, dressing area, and “backstage”.  At this time, you will present your 2 CDs (back-up required).  A brief tech rehearsal will take place at 6:40.  Choreographers will tech and present in the order in which names were drawn.  The lobby will open at 7:00pm; the house will open at 7:20 pm; the show will begin at 7:30pm.

What technical support is provided for my work?
Studio 1 has a CD playback unit (no iPods or MP3 compatibility) with professional-grade speakers.  Studio 1 an extremely simple lighting system. Artists will have access to a “warm” look or a “cool” look of varying degrees, and may designate a few basic light cues within “lights up” and “black out.”

Are there ay limitations to what I can present at DCA?
No food, drink, live animals or nudity.  Regardless of length of piece presented, transition between pieces cannot exceed 5 minutes.

How will/can my work be documented at DCA?
DCA will seek to document your work through the support of volunteers.  We encourage artists to use this opportunity to photo- and video- document their own work.

How will/can my participation in Dance Chance Atlanta be shared?
You will be listed on the WonderRoot website and the Dance Chance Atlanta Facebook page.  Beyond that, we invite you to stay in contact with DCA via Facebook, sharing images and future accomplishments and performances.