Artists Helping Artists


Artists Helping Artists is an ongoing adult art educational program that takes place at the WonderRoot Community Arts Center. All of the workshops taught at WonderRoot are led by professional artists who give their time, knowledge, and experience to lead workshops that are economically accessible to all. Classes are meant to encourage our members to explore disciplines outside of their primary medium, to give students the opportunity to learn from an expert in the field, and to build community.

More information about all of our current Artists Helping Artists workshops can be found by clicking the headers above. If you are interested in teaching an Artists Helping Artists workshop at WonderRoot, please fill out our Artists Helping Artists proposal form.

As of October 1, 2014, Artists Helping Artists workshops will operate on a Pay What You Can model.  

Students are encouraged to pay class fees according to their current economic situation (minimum $2.05/class). Students’ contributed fees are kept private, and students will not be prioritized based on amount paid. Class fees support the WonderRoot Teaching Artist’s compensation, studio maintenance, and material costs.

WonderRoot honors its commitment to provide educational opportunities to existing members on previously established terms. Prior to October 1, 2014, Artists Helping Artists workshops were a component of WonderRoot membership. All WonderRoot members whose annual memberships began between October 1, 2013 and September 30, 2014 will have the option of taking Artists Helping Artists workshops at no cost.

Introduction to Ceramics


Introduction to Ceramics is an ongoing workshop that is co-taught by Mike Klapthor and Dallas Ward, WonderRoot’s Ceramics Studio Managers. Introduction to Ceramics is held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month from 6-8pm. Introduction to Ceramics teaches students basic hand-building and wheel-throwing skills; pieces made during the workshop can be fired in the kiln at the end of the class. Clay is available for purchase at $15/bag; you are also welcome to bring your own. Make sure you come prepared to get a little grubby!

Sign up for upcoming Introduction to Ceramics workshops below.  Spaces are limited so be sure to register soon!

Register for the September 14, 2015 Introduction to Ceramics workshop (wheel throwing)

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Recording Studio Basics

Recording Studio Basics familiarizes students with WonderRoot’s studio space, software, and equipment and provides them with information to run their own session. Recording Studio Basics workshops are held every other Saturday from 3-5pm. It is necessary for members to attend a Recording Studio Basics workshop if they would like to work in the recording studio alone.

Sign up for upcoming Recording Studio Basics workshops below.  Spaces are limited so be sure to register soon!

Register for the August 29, 2015 Recording Studio Basics workshop

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Poetry as Protest

atlanta 271

Tuesday evenings from June 16 – July 21 at 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Poetry as Protest: the Word on the Street is a six week beginner-level workshop that focuses on how poetics and street art champion and represent race/class struggles. Poetry as Protest will dive into the wreckage of modern society and look at how we’re regrowing as a common people, across boundaries while recognizing our differences and taking on the struggle to overcome oppression. The course will include poetic deconstruction, music/art/fashion consciousness, graffiti art and muralling all centered on a frank discussion of race, class and protest. The workshop will culminate with the creation of a mural.

6/16: Protest Poetry — an intensive introduction to reading/analyzing/questioning the roots and problems raised in protest poetry.

6/23 (class rescheduled for Thursday, 6/25): Personal Protest — an in-depth dialogue about personal struggle; students will bring any work of art that resonates with them (poetry, music, physical artwork, clothing) to deconstruct what this art has to say about personal protest. The last half of class will be dedicated to the collaging of markered words to epitomize each work presented.

6/30: Art as Poetry — deconstructing Ai Wei Wei’s Alcatraz installation, looking at the concept of the criminalization of political determination. The last half of the class will focus on revisiting the previous week’s markering along with new work.

7/7: Me Vs. (or With) You — drafting and creating a mock-up of your personal mural statement; what do you need to say to the world?

7/14: Mural — entire class time dedicated to creating the mural

7/21: Document, Blog and Peace Out — brief documenting and uploading for a blog post followed by a class deconstruction (what worked? What didn’t work? Where else can we push race/class issues?) For the last hour, for those who are available, we’ll head down to Octane to chill and hang out.

Members must sign up for the entire course, as skills learned earlier will be built upon in later sessions.

Poetry as Protest is taught by Alicia Cole. Cole holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Education and has lived and worked in Atlanta, GA; Brooklyn, NY; and Philadelphia, PA. She ran Ad Hoc Art, a street art/screenprint gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and supports local and international graffiti and protest artwork. She’s written poetry since the age of seven, and focuses on the power of protest and transformation.

Alicia Cole may be reached at

Introduction to Fictional Landscapes


Tuesday evenings from April 14 – June 2 at 6:30pm – 8:30pm

WonderRoot is committed to advancing the careers of local writers. We do this by publishing works from talented writers through our literary magazine Loose Change and through our Artists Helping Artists Workshops dedicated to cultivating and honing the skills of beginning and intermediate writers.

Introduction to Fictional Landscapes is an eight-week workshop for beginning or intermediate fiction writers that emphasizes the importance of setting to story. This course includes creative exercises, discussion of published work, and peer critique to build on student’s knowledge of the basic elements of fiction and how those elements interact with narrative place. Over the course of the workshop, students draft and revise their own landscape-driven short stories, and at the final session, students will give a reading of their original pieces.

Upcoming Event

Please join us on June 2 at 6:45pm to hear readings of newly produced work from Fictional Landscapes students! The event will take place in the basement at the WonderRoot Community Arts Center (982 Memorial Dr. SE, Atlanta, GA, 30316).

Event page:


Introduction to Fictional Landscapes is taught by Stephanie Devine. Stephanie is the Fiction Editor of New South and a doctoral student at Georgia State University, where she teaches Creative Writing and Composition. Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Louisiana Literature, The Austin Review, Joyland, Pembroke Magazine, Cheap Pop, Atticus Review, Treehouse, Glassworks Magazine, and Fiction Southeast. Stephanie was the 2013 winner of the Agnes Scott Writers’ Festival Prize in Fiction and the 2012 recipient of Paul Bowles Prose Fellowship at GSU.

Introduction to Sewing


Thursday evening on August 13 from 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Calling all beginners! Introduction to Sewing is a one-time three hour course that will teach students simple hand-sewing techniques, as well as how to create a zippered pouch from scratch. It will cover the entire process from learning the different stitches to inserting a zipper. By the end of the class, students will be able to create personalized pouch patterns for a variety of personal and professional uses. This workshop will be held in the WonderRoot boardroom.

This hands-on workshop will follow the syllabus below:

First-hour: Selecting fabrics, creating pattern, learning basic hand stitching techniques

Second-hour: Applying stitching techniques and forming the pouch

Third hour: Completing the pouch, inserting the zipper, adding personal details

Beginners Sewing Class is taught by Brianna Isbell, who studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design as a Fashion Design major. She is a self-taught seamstress with six years of experience. She currently resides in the Candler Park area, where she operates a small handmade clothing business.


Final Cut Pro Basics



Saturday afternoons from August 22 – September 12 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Calling all beginners! Final Cut Pro Basics is a four-part workshop that will familiarize students with various video-editing features of the program. Workshops will be held in the WonderRoot Digital Media Lab.

Final Cut Pro Basics will follow the syllabus below:

8/22: FCPX Basics & Overview – Creating a plan for your video, understanding the FCPX layout, learning the basics of uploading and video manipulation. *Please bring in any media projects you may want to start playing with during the last hour of this session. We can also film the day of if we need to.

8/29: Understanding Video – In-depth review of video manipulation (transitions, cropping, etc), adding still images to your video (Ken burns, cropping, etc), Color Balance, Stabilization, adding text to your video

9/5: Understanding Audio – Overview of Audio Options, adding music (crediting the source when incorporating original media or downloading from YouTube), decoupling audio from video clips to manipulate within your video, fading music in and out, background noise removal

9/12: Review & Finalization – Review questions, finalize projects, prepare for exporting (DVD or social media)

Final Cut Pro Basics is taught by Kaysha Cranon, who began her career at Georgia Southern University. Cranon is currently a PR professional focused on branding. She creates and edits video for clients focused on building their brand and telling their stories.