Performance Venue

More Than Just a Stage

As the band stickers on the walls will attest, the WonderRoot Performance Venue has been a busy space. We regularly host live shows including local talents, bands on tour, jam sessions, cyphers, comedy nights, poetry nights, and more. Artists and audiences love the intimate, community feel - as well as the opportunity to hear some of the city's most talented bands and artists.

If you're interested in performing in our venue, please email our booking manager here.

The Venue is also a resource for our members during the daytime. A great location for auditions, film shoots, or large format projects, members can reserve the basement for up to 5 hours during the day. Out of respect for others working in the Arts Center, there is no amplified sound allowed in the venue during the daytime, and we ask that you do not exceed a speaking-voice volume. If you'd like to use the venue during the daytime, please call 404.254.5955 to reserve the space.