The Imaginary Million

One Night Only

What is The Imaginary Million?

WonderRoot hosted The Imaginary Million 2016, at Le Fais do-do on December 9, 2016 from 8 pm-11 pm. The Imaginary Million curates an art auction + music show + dance party + cocktail party to empower Atlanta’s artists and engage with the art-loving community at a one-night event.
100 of Atlanta's emerging and established artists was selected to participate in this auction. At the event, each artist was given $10,000 of imaginary "money" and were the exclusive bidders of the auction. This resulted in a competitive art trade between artists. At the end of the night an artist walks away with a work of their peer, with no real money exchanged. 


Traditionally, art auctions are not very beneficial for artists. They are the producers but cannot participate as patrons. Auctions, along with the arts economy in general, do not offer a lot of accessibility for artists to collect work, themselves. This event is designed to subvert the traditional auction and to empower artists as both the producers and patrons in the arts economy.

The Imaginary Million focuses on accessibility for artists by inviting them to be both the creators and collectors of the art at this unique event. Guests will have the rare chance to experience such an extensive exhibition of Atlanta’s emerging and established artists in one space on one night. Check out the list of the amazing artists who participated here.
You can check out the artwork submitted for auction here.
Artwork that has been submitted for sale for the general public can be viewed here. 90% of all proceeds from sale of this artwork goes directly to the artist.

Parking on-site is $5.